4 Women Tips for Proper Weight Loss Journey After Age 45

4 Women Tips for Proper Weight Loss Journey After Age 45

Aging changes the whole human metabolism and also the ability to rapidly lose weight. As much as we may think we are still young, the reality is that our body is aging.

If you think that losing weight in your 20s is the same process as in your 45, you’re mistaken.

Yes, the changes are drastic, especially for women. Menopause and hormonal changes are something that we cannot avoid.

If you belong to a group of women who have no menopause problems at all, then you are fortunate. But, research shows that aside from the hot flashes and mood swings, menopause can also increase the chances of developing obesity.

Your chances of gaining weight during menopause are high, but you should not give up. Remember, anyone can lose the extra pounds; years are no obstacle.

It takes a lot of persistence, following specific rules, proper diet, and, exercise but losing weight after age 45 is not impossible.

You need to follow these simple 4 tips if you want to realize a proper weight loss journey after age 45.

Accept yourself and the changes in your body

You will achieve nothing if you constantly belittle yourself or blame yourself for being overweight.

Set yourself motivation, be determined and, start changing your negative habits. Only with a positive approach you can move the changes in your body.

Learn more about the hormonal changes in your body

There is no shame in visiting a doctor or asking questions about menopause.

One study says that estrogen is the main reason why we gain or lose weight. In the elderly, low estrogen level means weight gain or risk of obesity.

In that case, you’ll have three options:
-estrogen hormone therapy or
-a healthy diet that will boost the estrogen in your body and
– regular exercise.

Choose a diet according to your needs

Choosing the right diet is essential. Explore the options and choose a diet that fits your needs.

If you hesitate or you don’t know which diet to choose, we have one suggestion for a proper weight loss diet after age 45.

Balanced Diet
Many people accept this type of diet because they are allowed to eat meals that include a protein or fat source, and low-carb vegetables.

Your weight goals depend on how many carbs you will intake on your diet but keep in mind that you have 45 years, and a balanced diet is crucial for your health.

If you are not sure which diet of foods to choose, you’ll always have the option of choosing a nutritionist to help you with that dilemma.

Find your way to a healthier lifestyle

Years should not be an excuse for us not to incorporate physical activity into our daily routine. Also, poor sleep contributes to weight gain.

According to a study, weight gain may also be a direct consequence of living a modern, unhealthy lifestyle.

Do not give up if you fail to lose weight for the first few months. Identify the errors and correct them and continue. The results always come with persistence, so don’t be discouraged!

4 Women Tips for Proper Weight Loss Journey After Age 45

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